While You’re Staying

Thank you for renting with us, I trust you’ll enjoy the property as much as we do.  Here is some information to help you during your stay.

  1. You are staying in Building 1, unit C-4.  Building 1 is the building in the middle.  You can park towards either entrance.
  2. No need to stop in the main building, go directly to the unit in building 1 (see map below).
  3. There is a fully furnished kitchen, bring your own food!
  4. The water has a mineral taste to it.  We have a water cooler, feel free to bring 3 or 5 gallon water jugs.
  5. Bring your own sheets & towels.  There are 2 queen beds (one couch pull-out), 2 twin beds, and a full size futon.
  6. There is FREE Firewood available at the little buildings with the green tarps.
  7. When you open the unit, please adjust the heat to your desired temperature (thermostat in each room) and ensure the hot water heater hasn’t been turned off (third closet door).
  8. All the amenities are a short walk across the parking lot in building 1 – you DO NOT have to walk to the front of the building, there is a door in the back where you can access the elevators.
  9. There are 2 key cards hanging on the coat rack that will give you access to the spa
  10. You have access to our ski locker, the key is also hanging on the coat rack.  It is labeled C-4 and located between buildings 1 & 3
  11. There is a free shuttle that runs to the slopes near the ski lockers between buildings 1 & 3
  12. The free WiFi is called MountainGreenResort.  Just connect to the network and authenticate on your browser, no credentials required

When you leave, please take care of the following items:

  • Please return any furniture you have moved around to the original place
  • Load and run the dishwasher
  • Empty the refrigerator and cabinets of any food
  • Wipe down the table and counter-tops
  • Strip the beds and remember to take your sheets & towels
  • Close the flue and put the fireplace ashes in the bucket
  • Don’t forget your water jug!
  • Take out the trash and recycling (please remember to lock the dumpsters)
  • Turn down the heat to 55 degrees
Resort Map